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Express Offers

Express Offers

Express Offers from Wind Creek Rewards are designed so that you receive more offers, more often, based on your individual level of play. And there’s no waiting around to see what your next offer will be. Simply play and redeem your first offer, and you are instantly eligible for your next one!

How Express Offers Work

Offers are added directly to your Rewards account, and you’ll be notified by email, text message or mail. Want notification of your offers even faster? Download the Wind Creek app and we’ll send offers directly to your phone. Or simply view your offers when you sign into your account at your favorite game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are Express Offers?

    A: Express Offers are personalized rewards based on play that will learn your behaviors as a player and tailor the rewards to you as an individual.

  • Q: Why did the company switch to offering Express Offers?

    A: WC wanted to be able to reward players with the things they want and rewards that benefited each player individually. The program is designed to provide rewards more frequently, based on how often an individual plays and redeems offers.

  • Q: What is looked at or reviewed to determine what my Express Offers will be?

    A: Express Offers evaluate each individual’s most recent play to reward players in real time. This allows for more rewards more often.

  • Q: How long are the Express Offers good for?

    A: The normal duration is 2-6 weeks per offer. Only one offer per type will be available on the player’s account at a time. However, players can earn multiple rewards throughout each month based on play. There is no maximum limit to the number of daily offers a player can receive.

  • Q: How do I know what my offers are? I don’t check my email every day or text.

    A: The Wind Creek app will be your best friend. As soon as an offer is loaded on your rewards account it is available to been seen on the WC App. Make sure to allow for Push Notifications and Location Services. Any Team Member at PLAYER SERVICES can also see what offers are available to you.

  • Q: How much do I have to play to get better offers?

    A: The more you play, the better offers you will be given.

  • Q: Why are my offers always different?

    A: The offers will vary in the types and in the amounts based on your individual behaviors. If you like to eat while on property playing, we will continue to send you food offers.

  • Q: What if I’m planning a trip next month? How will I know what I’m going to have?

    A: Offers are loaded in as little as 2 days after your last visit. You will receive a text, email, or check the app to see what will be available on your next trip.

  • Q: What if I don’t use an offer? Does it expire? Will I have to use that one before I get a new one?

    A: Offers are valid up to 6 weeks, all depending on the offer. If it is not redeemed then the offer can expire. You can only get one offer of each type (food, hotel, FREE Play) at a time so you will not get another offer until you use the current one on your account.