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Wind Creek Rewards is thrilled to introduce exciting new ways to perk up your play at Wind Creek - Promo Perks! Promo Perks can be acquired through your online play at and will help you get MORE out of many of our casino promotions. Promo Perks are available NOW in the WStore at, so be on the lookout for these exciting new ways to get even more out of the promotions you love!

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Prize Multipler Icon


With the Prize Multiplier Perk, if you win during the specified promotion, your prize will be multiplied up to 10X!

Add a Friend Icon


With an Add A Friend Perk, if you win a prize in a specified promotion, you can choose a friend to win a special prize, too.

Auto Advance Icon


With an Auto Advance Perk, if you qualify in an early round during the designated promotion, you'll automatically advance to the Grand Prize round.

Mystery Box Icon


A Mystery Box Perk will give you the option of keeping any prize you win in a designated promotion, or you can exchange it for a Mystery Box that is filled with CASH.

Auto Advance+ Icon


Get an Auto Advance+ Perk and you'll automatically qualify for the Grand Prize drawing in the specified promotion, even if your name isn't drawn.

Cash is King Icon


If you have a Cash is King Perk and you win a non-cash prize in a specified promotion, you can exchange your prize for CASH equaling the value of the prize.

Prize Booster Icon


If you have a Prize Booster Perk and you win in the designated promotion, your prize gets automatically doubled!

Extra Entries


Extra Entries Perks will give you more entries into drawings for any designated on-property promotion.

Pick 1st Icon

Pick 1st

With a Pick 1st Perk, if you win in the designated promotion you will get to choose your prize option first, regardless of the order in which you were drawn.

Extra Extra Icon


An Extra Extra Perk will give you a multiplier of entries into drawings for a specified promotion.

Virtual Win Icon


A Virtual Win Perk will enable you to participate in the drawing of the designated promotion no matter where you are, if we can contact you.

(Additional rules apply.)

Free Entry Icon


A FREE Entry Perk will give you a FREE entry into designated events, tournaments or drawings at any of our casino locations.

Win From Home Icon


Get a Win From Home Perk so you don't have to be present to win during a designated promotion.

Decked Out Icon


Redeem a Decked-Out Perk for a specified event then pick up your Perk at the casino so you can stand out at the occasion.

All Mine Icon


If you have an All Mine Perk and your name is drawn in any round of a specified promotion, you'll win all of the prizes available in that round!

Free For Me Icon


Redeem a Free For Me Perk and you'll get the specified item or gift for FREE.

Triggered Icon


Get the Triggered Perk to win FREE Play and set off your very own Hot Seat promotion at the specified casino.

Free Food Frenzy Icon


With a Free Food Frenzy Perk, if you win in a specific promotion you will automatically get a Free Food Credit!

Share the Win Icon

Share the Win

With a Share the Win Perk, if you win a prize in a specific promotion, Wind Creek will donate the value of your prize to your favorite charity.

Oh Snap! Icon

Oh Snap!

Redeem an Oh Snap! Perk for a specific promotion, then check-in with the Promotions team prior to the promotion and automatically become a winner.

Waterfall Icon


Get a Waterfall Perk and if you win in a specific weekly promotion you'll guarantee your spot in the same promotion each week as a winner.

Stand By Icon

Stand By

Move up to the Championship Tournament if a winning team can't go!

Jet Setter Icon

Jet Setter

Expedite your team's passports at no cost to you!

Promo Perks are not available for every on property promotion. When available, Promo Perks will differ from promotion to promotion. Promo Perks are limited. Visit for complete details.