Casinoverse Hero


Join us to explore a fantasy gaming world where it’s always FREE to play and the rewards are REAL!

This fun, imaginative app takes you on a tour of all things Wind Creek -- where you can uncover hidden treasures to win instant prizes, plan your next trip, participate in challenges and bonus games, enhance your on property play with special perks, create personalized avatars and much more. Plus, you’ll get 24/7 access to all the games you love with the ability to earn and redeem WScore points for real rewards like FREE PLAY, DINING CREDITS and HOTEL STAYS.

Check out the guide below to learn about the currencies available in Casinoverse, as well as solutions to common app issues.


currency credit icon


Used while playing games in Casinoverse, if the player runs out, they'll spin a wheel for more.

currency entries icon

Online Entries

Earned through on-property promotions, Battle Challenge, and found in-app. Used for Casinoverse drawings.

currency wscore icon


Earned from playing on the Casinoverse app. Used to purchase items in the in-app WStore.

currency nugget icon


An uncommon currency earned when opening interactables in-app on the globe. Used in the WStore to purchase items.

currency sapphire icon


A rare currency earned when opening interactables in-app on the globe. Used in the WStore to purchase items.

currency ruby icon


An ultra-rare currency earned when opening interactables in-app on the globe. Used to purchase the best items in the WStore.


  • How to download the app

    1. Download TestFlight from the App Store.
    2. Follow the provided link to "View in TestFlight."
    3. Follow prompts on TestFlight to download the Casinoverse app.
    4. Open Casinoverse.
    5. Sign-in with your account.
    1. Follow the provided link to the Google Play store.
    2. Download the Casinoverse app.
    3. Sign-in with your account.
  • How to look for updates

    1. Open Test Flight app on iOS device.
    2. Find Casinoverse and confirm version.
    3. Follow instructions to install/update app.
    4. Open Casinoverse.
    1. Go to Google Play on Android device.
    2. Follow instructions to install/update app.
    3. Open Casinoverse.
  • What version of Casinoverse am I on?

    1. Tap towards the bottom of your screen to bring the footer buttons up.
    2. Hit the settings button.
    3. You’ll see your version number at the bottom of the settings tab.
  • The app is broken, and I can’t do anything!

    1. Restart the Casinoverse app.
    2. Restart your device, fully shut down your phone and turn it back on.
    3. Uninstall and reinstall Casinoverse.
    4. If none of the above work, contact
  • Trouble Downloading Casinoverse

    If you’re having trouble downloading the app, please contact via email and we’ll troubleshoot your problem. For Android, make sure you’ve given us the email you use on Google Play!

  • Can’t Open Treasures on the Globe

    Make sure you’re pressing and holding! Once you’ve tapped on a treasure, hold your finger over it until the circle fills completely.

  • Where are all the gems?

    Gems are very rare currencies! It may take a decent amount of time to find any but keep looking. Your best chance is from exploring the globe and opening all the treasures you can find.