This is a resident letter of recommendation to grant the Casino license to East Hazel Crest and Homewood, IL.

This location is great; in fact, it is the perfect BUSINESS decision for the state of Illinois. The location is such a great location, when you think about all the people driving I-80 to go to the Indiana Casinos in Hammond. They will certainly be lured to stop at the Halsted St. exit and play. This will also generate additional income for the state because of the Halsted St. toll stations. The other location will not create this added state revenue. It is a great business decision that will make more money for the state than any other competing location.

I think it will also lure a lot of players from Indiana. It will be more convenient to drive I-80 west than to travel north on Cline Ave. Again, additional state toll road revenue because of the toll stations at the Halstead St. exit. This is just a great location no matter how you figure it.

Plus, the state does not have to spend any more money because the toll stations are already there.

I have lived my whole life in East Hazel Crest, 75 years now. This is the best thing that could have happened to these two towns. They both are stable towns with good honest, leadership. Halsted St. is already loaded with great businesses that can handle the additional business from the Casino. You would not have to wait for an area to be developed. This would also allure people to come to this area. When you drive into Hammond, there are no other shops or restaurants in their Casino area, it is kind of like going out of your way to get to those Casinos.
The East Hazel Crest and Homewood location would be the best decision by the state to have a new Casino, I hope you agree.

Thomas Vallow
East Hazel Crest, IL