Illinois Gaming Board:

I have lived in the village of East Hazel Crest my entire life. Raised a family as well. We may be a small town, but we are mighty and strong. Being a lifelong resident, I would love to see the casino in our village.

Our Mayor Thomas Brown has been keeping our village under his wing for 31 years. Over that time, he has done a great job! He has always had his focus on keeping the village strong. Having a casino restaurant in our small, quaint town would be such a great asset to all. The location is perfect right off the expressway and people coming home from work heading to Indiana could stop by and bring some revenue back to us. Hopefully, by putting the casino in East Hazel Crest and Homewood it will benefit both towns and keep so many of us from going into Indiana.

The amount of jobs it will bring to the area will be a great benefit to all. I also have a vested interest in wanting the casino in both towns. I am a Village Trustee and have been serving our village since 1997 and have always wanted to see our town prosper and with this addition we would.

Please consider our location in East Hazel Crest & Homewood for the casino.

Zoe Ann Ewan