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What You Get

Wind Creek Rewards Membership is like nothing else! No other casino resorts offer Players the same level and variety of rewards just for playing the games they love. Every point you earn brings you closer to amazing dining experiences, incredible getaways and giveaways, luxurious hotel stays, and more.

How It Works

The more you play, the more rewards you’ll earn. Four tiers of rewards with endless possibilities for fun and excitement. You’ll receive Express Offers that are personalized based on your play and preferences. That means more rewards, more often. Sign up for Wind Creek Rewards at PLAYER SERVICES.

  • Your Rewards points are redeemable at each Wind Creek Casino location in the U.S. and at our Caribbean resorts, the Renaissance Aruba and the Renaissance Curaçao.
  • Earn entries into casino promotions, including trip giveaways to any of our resorts.
  • Play online games for FREE and earn real-world Rewards, redeemable at any of our resorts.
  • Enjoy exclusive services, perks and cash discounts. Players receive tier status upgrades and Rewards based on play.
  • Receive one tier-point for every $5 played on any slot or electronic bingo machine or $10 played on video poker, and two tier-points for every $1 in table game theoretical (theoretical factors include time, average bet and type of game played).*
  • Tier benefits are based on your play from January 1st until December 31st each year.

*Electronic bingo machines, video poker and table games not available at all locations. See PLAYER SERVICES for details.

New Player Promise

New Player Promise

Sign up for Wind Creek Rewards now and start earning points playing online. When you visit PLAYER SERVICES at Wind Creek, you’ll receive your Rewards Card, a $10 Food Credit and up to $1,000 in FREE Play.*

*Must have a valid driver's license. Minimum $75 loss required for FREE Play rebate. FREE Play will be added to your account within 7-10 days of initial visit.

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Wind Creek Rewards

More points. More Rewards. More Winning Moments. Cash in on incredible perks like free hotel stays, luxurious getaways, dining at award-winning restaurants and so much more.

  1. *Excludes all alcohol and tobacco sales. Excludes consignment items in gift shops. Does not apply when using the Wind Creek Promo Gift Card. Not available through all third-party outlets. Discount does apply at Wind Creek Atmore Spa and Entertainment Center.

  2. Certain restrictions apply.

  3. Within a 24-hour period. Only one machine may be active at a time. Blackout dates apply.

  4. Not available at all locations.

  5. Available only at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

  6. Bonus Points may be redeemed toward FREE Play, Food Credit and other comps, but do not count toward tier status upgrades.

  7. Booked by Wind Creek Travel team. To book your trip, please call 844-928-7477. Travel restrictions apply, and this benefit may not be available for redemption at a property located in the same state of a players original Wind Creek Rewards sign up.

  8. Management reserves the right to cap dollar amount of airfare credit.

  9. Subject to local laws.

  10. Must be booked in advance with host.

Online Casino Benefits

The moment you sign up for Wind Creek Rewards, you'll get immediate access to our online benefits through (Desktop App) & Casinoverse (Mobile App), where the game never ends. Our dedicated online team creates a fun, engaging community to deliver the same high level of friendly customer service experienced at our resorts. Download the Casinoverse Mobile App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or play on your desktop at

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All your favorite games are right at your fingertips.

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Play in tournaments or enter drawings for real prizes you can redeem at our resorts or at the WStore.

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Mingle with our online Player community in real time.

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Rewards & Reservations

Earn Rewards for dining, FREE Play, VIP parking and more. Book hotel stays and dinner reservations.

Wind Creek Reward Cards

Express Offers

Express Offers from Wind Creek Rewards are designed so that you receive more offers, more often, based on your individual level of play. And there’s no waiting around to see what your next offer will be. Simply play and redeem your first offer, and you are instantly eligible for your next one!

How Express Offers Work

Offers are added directly to your Rewards account, and you’ll be notified by email, text message or mail. Want notification of your offers even faster? Download the Wind Creek app and we’ll send offers directly to your phone. Or simply view your offers when you sign into your account at your favorite game.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are Express Offers?

    A: Express Offers are personalized rewards based on play that will learn your behaviors as a player and tailor the rewards to you as an individual.

  • Q: Why did the company switch to offering Express Offers?

    A: WC wanted to be able to reward players with the things they want and rewards that benefited each player individually. The program is designed to provide rewards more frequently, based on how often an individual plays and redeems offers.

  • Q: What is looked at or reviewed to determine what my Express Offers will be?

    A: Express Offers evaluate each individual’s most recent play to reward players in real time. This allows for more rewards more often.

  • Q: How long are the Express Offers good for?

    A: The normal duration is 2-6 weeks per offer. Only one offer per type will be available on the player’s account at a time. However, players can earn multiple rewards throughout each month based on play. There is no maximum limit to the number of daily offers a player can receive.

  • Q: How do I know what my offers are? I don’t check my email every day or text.

    A: The Wind Creek app will be your best friend. As soon as an offer is loaded on your rewards account it is available to been seen on the WC App. Make sure to allow for Push Notifications and Location Services. Any Team Member at PLAYER SERVICES can also see what offers are available to you.

  • Q: How much do I have to play to get better offers?

    A: The more you play, the better offers you will be given.

  • Q: Why are my offers always different?

    A: The offers will vary in the types and in the amounts based on your individual behaviors. If you like to eat while on property playing, we will continue to send you food offers.

  • Q: What if I’m planning a trip next month? How will I know what I’m going to have?

    A: Offers are loaded in as little as 2 days after your last visit. You will receive a text, email, or check the app to see what will be available on your next trip.

  • Q: What if I don’t use an offer? Does it expire? Will I have to use that one before I get a new one?

    A: Offers are valid up to 6 weeks, all depending on the offer. If it is not redeemed then the offer can expire. You can only get one offer of each type (food, hotel, FREE Play) at a time so you will not get another offer until you use the current one on your account.